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Stormwater Drains
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How To Look After Your Stormwater Drains

Rotorua regularly experiences heavy rainfall and high levels of geothermal activity, both of which can cause problems with stormwater drainage. Some of the most common problems encountered with drains in the area include blockages, flooding, and erosion.

This is usually caused by things like debris, leaves, and grease, which can cause water to back up and flood properties, leading to significant damage and a plethora of health and safety hazards.

How To Prevent Flooding From Occurring

To deal with flooding, you should ensure that the stormwater drainage systems are functioning properly. This includes making sure that blockages are cleared and that any damage is quickly repaired.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of stormwater drains should be carried out to remove the buildup of debris. As a property owner, you can help to prevent blockages by disposing of grease and oil properly, as well as by keeping leaves and other gunk away from drains.

You should also pay attention to weather forecasts and take appropriate action if needed to make sure that your stormwater drainage systems are in good working condition in the event of heavy rain. You might need to call in some help to ensure that your gutters and drains are all clear and that any sump pumps on your property are functional.

How Can We Help?

When it comes to problems with your stormwater drainage system, we at Rawlinson Plumbing & Gas Ltd. can inspect and maintain it to ensure that it all works smoothly. This can range from cleaning out blocked drains, repairing cracks, fixing pipes, and generally ensuring that all connections are secure. Importantly, we can also make sure that the stormwater drainage system is not connected to the sanitary sewer line, as this can cause a litany of additional problems.

We can also install and repair various drainage system components, such as catch basins, drainpipes, and storm sewer lines, to ensure that water is directed away from buildings and other structures. This could include the installation of a French drain if desired, a rain garden, and various other types of green infrastructure to help slow down the flow of water and prevent erosion.

Finally, we can provide consultation services for property owners who are looking to prevent stormwater drainage problems. Through this process, we can provide recommendations for specific products, materials, or systems to prevent or mitigate stormwater drainage problems.

Contact us at Rawlinson Plumbing & Gas Ltd. today to ensure that your stormwater drains are in good working condition and avoid suffering flood damage to your property.

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