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Drainage installation repairs & maintenance

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains have the potential to harm your entire plumbing setup. If you notice slow water drainage, backups in sinks or tubs, and unpleasant odors, these are clear indicators of a blocked drain. Failing to address this issue promptly could result in significant damage to your plumbing system. Therefore, it’s essential not to disregard the signs and to reach out to Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas without delay. Their professional assistance can swiftly diagnose and tackle your blocked drain problem, safeguarding your plumbing system from potential harm.

Drainage Installations

Effective water management on your property requires planning. At Rawlinson Plumbing, we specialise in providing solutions for various drainage needs, including drainlaying, stormwater management, and sewage drains.

When it comes to surface water removal, we offer comprehensive advice and solutions tailored to your property’s unique requirements. This encompasses a range of strategies such as rainwater collection, cesspits, and soak holes, all designed to efficiently manage excess water and prevent potential issues.

Moreover, our expertise extends to addressing sanitary sewage needs. Whether you require installation, maintenance, or repair of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, our experienced team at Rawlinson Plumbing has got you covered.

If you’re seeking reliable drainage services, look no further. Contact Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas today to explore how our specialised solutions can enhance your property’s water management efficiency.

drainage Maintenance

In order to keep your drainage system in good working order and to extend its lifespan, you should invest in regular maintenance. Rawlinson Plumbing & Gas Ltd provides professional  servicing for all your systems. Our team is experienced and professional and will offer you a Certificate of Compliance.

Backflow Prevention

When you’re in need of expert guidance and services related to backflow prevention testing and new installations in the Rotorua area, Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas is here for you.

Our Comprehensive Backflow Prevention Services Cover:

  1. Thorough assessment and personalized recommendations designed to meet your unique backflow prevention needs.
  2. Annual Backflow Prevention testing to ensure your devices remain compliant year after year.
  3. Skilled repair and maintenance services for your existing backflow prevention devices.
  4. Smooth and professional installations of new backflow prevention devices.


Regular Backflow Prevention testing is a vital requirement, particularly for various businesses and properties. The risk of cross-contamination in water supply systems emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to protect both health and water quality. At Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas, have extensive hands-on experience to meticulously conduct testing on your current water supply. Our adept technicians are also well-versed in performing repairs, maintenance checks on your existing backflow prevention devices, and ensuring seamless installations for new systems. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Rotorua region seeking dependable backflow prevention solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the trusted experts at Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas. We’re dedicated to ensuring the safety of your water, and we’re here to provide solutions you can rely on.